Take a walk in my shoes …

If you were going to take a walk in my shoes, then I do not envy you. For you would be stuck in a maze with no exit, and trapped within walls that would even make the greatest escape artists claustrophobic.

And at your feet you would see that the ‘shoes’ you wear are not even there, for you walk bare across shatter glass, cutting you deep from each step you take. Reflections of these broken fragments you walk through are images reminding you of dreams that you once believed in, now destroyed by a series of unfortunate events that acted as the hammer that smashed it.

If you were going to take a walk in my shoes, I suggest that you bring a flashlight, but I doubt that it will bring any use to you. As the darkness that surrounds you is no where comparative to the darkness you’ll feel within, consuming at your heart where it is home to the monsters of cruelty and despair. I promise you, you would not last a second in my shoes. Not with the demons that walk beside and within me everyday. But don’t even think about taking a walk in my shoes, for I would never allow you too. No one deserves this pain I feel inside… 😔

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