We’re lonely people. But that shouldn’t be a surprise. From a distance, we’re all just specks. Just small. And we’re certainly not made to last for a long time. When we are born, the world is a different one. We are yet unaware of our own mortality. But we see death all around us. We witness the defeat of an ant against our deliberate footsteps. There may be a time when we have to bear witness to the passing of someone close to us. For just a moment, all of the music stops. The world is tilted upside down and there is a time in our life where the fear of waking grips us. Perfectly still on our beds, we cry at night just wanting someone to hold us. That is when the nightmares set in. There are always hands that hold on to us, the people who stay. When they are there, we are no longer alone.

Is that love? Is that all? Another person to hold you in the dark when you feel like you are disappearing. A life whose heartbeats move with the same fervor as your own. A way for every day to mean something. We wake up in the morning and put on our socks and go to work. For years it’s the same routine. Until one day, the loneliness claws at our feet once again and we’re gripped with a self-inflicted paralysis. But there’s always someone there. We create that. Love is something we’ve fashioned over time, something that helps us breathe when everything else is lost. Love is the rescue from that lonely place, that silent and dark ending.

#people #love #poetry

Copyright Beatriz Esmer

Watercolor by Beatriz Esmer – All rights reserved

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