Sometimes I get so tired…

Sometimes I get so tired. Closed doors, keys that do not open the closed doors, the anguish for not yet knowing how to open them. The will that weaves its nest in the most verdant branches and passes times hatching the eggs that seem that they will not break anymore. The waiting for the flight of the butterflies that take the pupas to get rid of the cocoons.

The repeated emergence of the ‘Not’ when our lives prepares restless banquets to welcome the ‘Yes.’ The ‘almost’ that goes on so long that it seems to be endless. And, lurking, always following the movements of our courage at a distance, the perilous perspective of the never, awaiting every breach created by the weariness to try to dissuade us from our purposes. Sometimes I get so tired …so fucking tired…😥

Watercolor: Departure – Copyright Beatriz Esmer

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