I am

Here’s the thing: I’m a lover, but I’m also one hell of a fighter.

Please don’t ever mistake my loyalty for clinginess. Of course, I want to see you, know how your day was, and I’ll always be there when you need me. But I’m very aware that we’re two separate beings. Never will I try to mesh your entire life with mine.

I’ve always had trouble saying ‘no’ to a challenge, but you’ll never find me competing for your affection. Time has become one of my most valuable intangibles. The last thing, I’ll do is waste it on mind games.

I may have my moments of insecurity, but you will never hear me vocalize the need for you to fix this. My self-doubt comes in waves, but the confidence I’ve taken years to develop, is set in stone. 🙏❤👣

Watercolor – Flower Girl – Copyright Beatriz Esmer

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