Sex & high tech era

Classical literature treats sex with eroticism. Eros (the Greek god of love, mythological character). Myth, magic, fantasy. Art is the poetic way of expressing aspects of life. Through it, we communicate the cruel, ugly and charming. Sex, if treated without poetry and art, as well as crude, turns us off. The issue is the lack of interest in each other; we live the failure of alterity, of shared pleasure. The sex lives of Internet users, robotics, lonely and operational; it is a semblance of pleasure gained by lovers.

Orgasm in the digital age is the imperfect copy of the orgasms couples in real sexual relationships have achieved. Capitalism, faked nature, objects, truths… People are not satisfied, so they begin to fake love, pleasure and orgasm. Disinterest is when they interact, but do not partake fully in the feast. When we enter just as consumers we do not admire the authors of the work, we are merely spectators looking in from the window. The ones that touch only a screen and extract from it sexual pleasure lose the opportunity to build a great true and real love story.

The ‘techno-illogical’ progress decimated the hope of the tryst and hope for a happier life. I speak not of impossible dreams, but of happiness coined in prose, the daily lives of needy souls of transcendence. Love is supposed to be in costume fantasy, illusion to be deluded. Without it, sex is hard nut to crack. Violence among young people reveals the bloody face of the post-industrial world. Romanticism has lost sense. We reify love, sex and relationships. We dig the ontic abyss. How do we regain meaningfulness in our relationships? How do we make them “eternal”? In ancient feminine imagery, pleasure is pleasure as simpler tasks of everyday life, singing and hoping for the heart unfold, revealing open fields, surpassing erosions. Love takes time, to thaw the feelings and decipher the heart.

Women dream, big dreams. And suddenly they wake up, put their slippers on and harvest sunflowers. Being a woman is a profane sin A Good curse. Warming her soul in pots and pans, an illuminated desire that transcends. To shiver, cry and drop tears -one who does not cry does not know how to be happy. Crying prepares to face laughter. Crying lifts the soul and awakens emotions that naps and cures sadness, hopelessness and an evil eye.

Seduction is a metaphor, enchanting the world with the other side of language. As Adelia Prado reminds us; “my mother’s thought of studying the finest thing in the world. It is not ‘a thing’. The finest thing in the world is a feeling. “

However, many girls today, eager for online pornography consumers, they attend the sickest perversions, and isolated, they plunge into the semblance of a sexual relationship and happy life. They discredit that someone might bring them to orgasm. They become addicted to solitary pleasure, victims of excess explicit content of films that distort, stereotype and exaggerate what they should modestly do and be carried out in real time with someone who really loves them… ❤

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