To poetess

When they tell you this

Tragedy that’s made a home in your bones

filled up your not worth our time,

pick up your pen and show them every way they are wrong.

Scream it out for every other Women desperate to not be Alone in this.

When they force you to believe this

Pain is not Universal,tell them they are Wrong.

When they whisper to you

in the dead of the night,

you are just another Plath.

until she haunts every one of your poems

tell them you are the one writing your Own Story,

not them.You will never be a Plath or a Woolf

You will be a You Completely new…❤️

One thought on “To poetess

  1. Bia , All of this is so very lovely. Just like you. my friend. Have an amazing week doll. You’re a Gem. Take care

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