The art of saying goodbye II

I do not like goodbyes, I think all of them may shorten life by half; they pour on our faces tears and takes away hugs from those who we love. It looks like the world ends there, in between heartbreaks and departures.

No, I hate goodbyes because when I say goodbye I fall apart, an endless collapse. Saying goodbye to someone is simply to give our back to them, turn away and let them there by themselves, the end of all the moments, joys and complicity, a frozen time. Saying that to those who made me great, mute me and life becomes tasteless. That very  minute I would like to take more time, enjoy more of their company, letting the goodbye lasts for more a second, a day, a week, a year, a lifetime and  forget this terrible word : ‘goodbye’ – I want to magnify and recount our stories,  appreciate all the moments lived, stop the time – it is so painful.  At that final moment, I feel like the world is taking away my identity and saying “go go go, do not dare to look back!” Whilst the body says ‘No, I  don not want to go,’  it  gets paralyzed, and the brain  attempts to understand that things need to be done simply because they do, so without any justification, it is like I have to accept what is imposed to me with the assumption that there are priorities. Saying goodbye to those who say I love you is like to break the machine that pumps the blood from my entire body throwing it away, making me dry, empty, without life, dying a little bit seeing them disappearing beyond my eyes. It is to make me sure that I cannot die by a heart disease, because goodbyes have not killed since I was a child.

Ah!? There is the worst ‘goodbye’ ever; that one you are sure you will never see your loved ones again, the ultimate departure, it is like someone is squeezing your heart inside your chest. No, you cannot breathe, you cannot speak, and the world becomes so small, all your ideas, your studies, your goals, plans, not matter anymore. You look at yourself and just think: I am nothing, everything is so fleeting, and life is just sigh that does not last a second…

Then, goodbyes are good to show us how precious and venerable life is. How special people are… So, I do not hate goodbyes, they make me be a better person and value all the nice and bad things in this world.

As she, the little girl, says that her purpose is love, if not it is not a living. I just know I trust her, it is what we are doing life how we can as we wish, irrespective of whether it’s wonderful or a lament’, I just know life is beautiful and goodbyes are like playing ring-around-the-rose in this life… of course, always with joy! 

I get the purity of children’s response  that’s life, it is beautiful…and it is beautiful …❤



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