The urgency of love …

It is the details that fill our lives with beauty. A caring, attention, a kindness, a tender look, these are what inflate inside us, they are what feed us with love. The problem is that, as time goes by, we get used to our loved ones and we forget how every gesture, every look, and every smile are so special, so important for all of us. We get used to the loved one by our side. We think that we will have another day to appreciate those little demonstrations of affection, and without warning, the ones we were used to, who was always with us, are taken from our arms. There are no more their eyes, their smell, their smile, or even that feeling of cuddling, so good!  The time is not a currency that we can exchange, we are already born with the certainty we are going to die, we are sure that just the memories remain and the sensation of abandon when we lose who we love…

May we stop treating so many worthless things as urgent and let the love be here and now. The place of love is in today. Love is urgency. Things worthless that we prioritize today will be forgotten so quickly, but love stays with us forever, even when we lose those ones so special in our lives.

Build your relationships tall, make them stronger than death, like a movie full of poetry, with a nice script, soundtrack and a happy ending and think about everything that happens in your life. What makes you see that everything has a reason to happen, everything that is worthwhile, who really matters to you. What will be your favorite scenes, moments, aromas and ecstasies? Review how you treat people you love. Let love feed you today. And the rest, well … The rest can come later!

So, hug your mother, your father, your neighbor, your dog… Let them know how much you love them… Namaste…❤


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