Love should be …

When they ask me how love should be, I will say it should be light. The answer may even lead to confusion. Perhaps, many do not understand that love should be loose, never heavy, even with all this feeling exploding in our chest, it may be an option, no a tax or obligation, because love is free, something light, pure and sincere. Fraternal, friendly, eternal, carnal… When you look at the beloved one with a smile full of tenderness, this small act, this clash of looks generates an avalanche of emotion making us feel life pulsing inside you.

We need to overflow love though the eyes. Remember that love is not a stone cast into the river, it must be cared of. Love makes us float, you know, those seconds when the fingers are interlaced, where the palms of two different hands touch each other, when a tight hug takes two hearts in love so close, feeling as only one, when the kiss makes our lips quiver … love makes life much better… Love with no reservation…Namaste…❤


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